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Your Library Card

Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.


Who Can Get a Card

Anyone who lives within the Mt. Zion District Library taxing district is eligible to apply for a library card.  To verify that you live within the taxing district, you may check your residential tax form, or call the county tax assessor's office.  Those living in the district will need to bring a photo ID with proof of current residency when applying for a library card.  Children age 5 who are attending kindergarten to age 18 must have a parental/guardian signature when applying.

Anyone who owns property within the Mt. Zion District Library taxing district, but who resides outside the taxing district are eligible to apply for a library card.  Property owners must bring in proof of taxes when applying for a card.


Non-Residence Card Fees

If you live in an area that does not have a library taxing district, you may apply for a non-resident card in the school district you reside.  Non-residence card fees are based on a tax formula.  When applying for a card, you must supply your residential tax form. 


How to Get Your Card

To apply for a Mt. Zion District Library card, you must meet the above requirements, bring in a photo id with proof of current residency and fill out a simple registration card.  Children under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian signature.  Children must be attending kindergarten to be eligible for a card.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately so that service to the card can be stopped.  The patron is responsible for all activity on the card until it is reported lost or stolen.  A fee will be charged for replacing lost cards at the following rate:  $1.00 for the first card, $2.00 for the second card, $3.00 for the third and successive times.


Borrowing Limits

The Mt. Zion District Library offers our collection to be checked out by people with a valid library card at no charge, as long as items are returned back on or before the due date.  For those desiring to obtain a library card from the Mt. Zion District Library, you must meet all requirements (see above) and complete a simple registration form.  There is no initial registration fee.                  

We offer drop boxes outside the main doors for returning materials after library hours. The drop boxes are checked before the library opens.  Items returned prior to opening are considered returned on the previous day's date.                          

Listed below are the materials we offer, the limit of how many you may check out, how long you may keep them before renewal or return, and the overdue fees incurred for items not returned on or before the due date:

  • Books, Audiobooks, and Magazines: There are no limits to the number of these items that may be checked out per card.  These items check out for a period of 3 weeks and incur a late fee of $.05 per day per item for those items returned after the due date. 
  • Music Compact Discs: This item is limited to 3 per library card at one time.  These may be checked out for a period of 3 weeks and incur a late fee of $.05 per day per item for those items returned after the due date. 
  • Video Cassettes/DVDS: These items are limited to 5 DVDs per library card at one time.  There is no limit on VHS tapes. These may be checked out for a period of 1 week and incur a late fee of $.50 per day for those items returned after the due date.   
  • Lost or damaged items require the cost of replacement. If available, you may replace the lost or damaged item with an exact replacement.  This must be a new item and have the exact ISBN number as the item being replaced.


Requesting Items

Items may be requested through the shared database system (SHARE).   Your library card number and the assigned PIN are required to place any requests.  You may also contact the staff with your library card number to have them place a request for you.


Renewing Your Borrowed Items

Most Mt. Zion items may be renewed up to three (3) times if they are not overdue and there are no requests for them.  You may renew items through the shared database system (SHARE) or through the library staff.  Your library card number is necessary to renew any item by any means.