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September 14, 2021

Agenda for September 14, 2021

                                                   MT. ZION DISTRICT LIBRARY
                                                  BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING
                                                            September 14, 2021   
Regular Board Meeting                             7:00 PM

Adopt Agenda [action requested] 

August 10, 2021 Regular Meeting [action requested]

Financial Report:
Approval of Current Bill List [action requested]
Income Statement for Month Ending August 31, 2021
Financial Statement for Month Ending August 31, 2021
Treasurer’s Report [discussion only]  

Public Comment [if applicable]
Introductions to audience and visitors.  Visitors are asked to present any issues they wish to discuss.  Visitors wishing to address specific agenda items will be granted two to five minutes at the discretion of the President, not to exceed ten minutes.    

Librarian’s Report:
August Statistics [discussion only]
Library Activities and Narrative – August [discussion only]

Committee Reports
Building and Grounds [discussion only] 
Finance [discussion only]
Personnel [discussion only]

Old Business:
How to proceed with expiration of FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act [action requested]

Updated fence estimates [action requested]   

New Business:

Amend November 10, 2020 Minutes [action requested]

New Sign Landscaping [action requested]
Pass Levy Ordinance 2020-2021-4 [action requested]

Health Insurance options [discussion only]
Renewal of maturing CD [action requested]
Review Chapters 1 – 4 of Serving Our Public 4.0: Standards for Illinois Public Libraries
   (Per Capita Grant requirement) [discussion only]

Executive Session (if needed)Cite 5ILCS 120/2.02  
(motion & 2nd to enter into Executive Session; then, motion & 2nd to return to regular meeting)

Adjournment   Next meeting: October 12, 2021, 7 p.m. 
All meetings of the Library Board are open to the public.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), they are fully accessible, and if any other accommodations are needed, please contact the Library Director 48 hours prior to the meeting.


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