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Internet and Computer Use Policy

     1)  Patrons with a library card in good standing from any former Rolling Prairie Library System library have access to the public service computers and printers in the library.  Patron use of these computers is presently limited to regular hours of library operation.

     2)  The Mt. Zion District Library staff will provide assistance to library patrons for basic startup procedures and basic internet search strategies.

     3)  The Mt. Zion District Library Web Page will be of assistance to patrons in discovering available resources and search strategies for reference and informational queries.     

     4)  Use of public service computers is on a “first come—first serve” basis.  Individuals wishing to use the Internet terminals must FIRST sign-up at the Circulation Desk on the Computer User Log.

      5)  Patrons may initially sign up for use of public service computers in 60 minute increments.  Use may continue if no one has signed up for the following 60 minute period.

      6)  A maximum of two (2) people are permitted at the same public service computer.

      7)  Children 17 years old and younger must have a signed “Parental Consent to Use the Internet Form” completed and on file at the Library.  This consent form must be filled out at the Mt. Zion District Library and the parent’s signature must be witnessed and verified by a library staff member.  

      8)  Adult library patrons must also fill out and sign an “Internet Use Policy Agreement Form”.  This is maintained on file at the Mt. Zion District Public Library. 

      9)  College students must show a valid College Identification Card when using the internet for academic research.

     10)  The library provides wireless access.  Each user must have a signed "Internet Use Policy Agreement Form" on file to receive the necessary password to use the wi-fi.

     11)  Violations of any aspect of these procedures and/or inappropriate Internet usage as determined by library staff may result in the loss of use of library computers and internet privileges, and may result in legal action.

C.  Library’s “Blended Use Policy” and Use of Internet Information

    1)  Most resources available via the Internet and other electronic networks are “global resources” rather than “local resources”.  Mt. Zion District Library does NOT and CANNOT CONTROL the information content available through global resources such as information obtained from outside resources via the Internet.  Though Mt. Zion District Library makes electronic information available, it does NOT imply endorsement of any content by the library staff and/or Board of Trustees.

   2)  Internet resources enhance and supplement resources that are available locally within a library.  As with all library resources, patrons must carefully evaluate information obtained via the Internet.

   3)  The Library is NOT responsible for damages, direct or indirect, arising from a library patron’s use of the Internet information resources.  Furthermore, the library restricts and is NOT responsible for any communication sent or received by library patrons over the Internet.

   4)  Library patrons have certain rights, as follows, in regard to use of the Internet.  Mt. Zion District Library will work with other libraries to preserve and protect these rights, subject on limitations imposed by licensing and payment agreements with database providers.

          --Library patrons have the right to confidentiality and privacy in the use of the Internet to the extent possible given certain constraints such as proximity of other library users and library staff in “public access settings.”

        --Library patrons have the right to equitable access to the Internet.

 2)       The Library requires that patrons using the Internet do so within guidelines of “acceptable use.”  The following activities are some of the activities NOT within the “acceptable use guidelines.”

 --Use of the Internet for any purpose which results in the harassment of others;

--Destruction of, damage do, or the unauthorized alteration of the library’s computer equipment, software, or security procedures;

--Use of the Internet in any way which violates Federal, State, and local law;

--Use of the Internet in any way which violates licensing and contractual agreements between Mt. Zion District Library and database providers;

--Unauthorized duplication of software or violations of software licensing agreements;

--Any use for commercial or profit-making activity.

                           --Any violation of system security,

--Behaving in a manner which is disruptive to other users, including, but not limited to, overuse of computer equipment which serves to deny access to others.

   6)  Mt Zion District Library recognizes that the Internet may contain information which is inappropriate for children.  This is why the library requires youth under 18 years of age to have a parental consent form on file with the library. Parents are expected to monitor and supervise their children’s use of the Internet.  Library staff is unable to monitor children’s use.  Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss with their children issues of appropriate use and electronic information safety.

   7) Access to the Internet at Mt. Zion District Library is governed under Illinois Complied Statutes.  [Chapter 720:  Criminal Offenses], Section 5, Article 11, regarding lewd, obscene, and/or pornographic materials.  Violations of these laws will be reported immediately to the Mt. Zion Police Department.  Full text of these Statutes is available upon request.

Procedurally, the staff will give a patron a verbal warning about viewing inappropriate sites and the patron will be asked to leave the library premises for the day. If the patron views sites again, library privileges are rescinded for a period of 1 (one) year.  The third violation results in permanent rescinding of access to the library.


*  Does not apply to wireless users.

Approved by Library Board 7/14/09


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